Begin Making Money on Window Cleaning Business

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Business opportunities of window cleaning business – The likely accomplishment of each undertaking is controlled by the pay and you’ll be viewed as a disappointment except if you begin making it soon. Settle on the rates and concoct an arrangement of charging dependent on the number, size and area of the windows you clean. At whatever point you offer something

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Why Is Kim Kardashian West Boycotting Instagram Today?

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Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry, Michael B. Jordan and more celebrities are boycotting Instagram today to protest its parent company Facebook’s policy towards hate speech on its platforms. In a post Tuesday, Kardashian West wrote she was joining the #StopHateforProfit movement, a campaign that attempts to hold Facebook and other social media companies accountable for the rise of bigotry and

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Why Is Comedian Jim Gaffigan Gratefully Eating Garbage?

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Jim Gaffigan, the well-known comic and actor, is eating garbage. And he’s grateful for the chance. Gaffigan is sympathetic and very concerned for both the people and business owners — he is one himself — who have suffered illness and financial pain through this very severe economic downturn. But, as he said in a podcast interview I conducted with him

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Why Does Warren Buffett Always Pay In Cash?

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If Warren Buffett ever walks into your store or restaurant, he’s likely to pay for his purchases in cash. “I’ve got an American Express card which I got in 1964,” Buffett, who’s worth more than $88 billion, told Yahoo Finance last year. “But I pay cash 98 percent of the time. If I’m in a restaurant, I always pay cash.”

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Why Did Milton Berle Get Banned From ‘SNL’?

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Milton Berle was a little before my time, but I can certainly appreciate the enormous influence he had on American culture and why so many loved him. The comedian, actor and vaudevillian was an icon in the early days of television, with millions tuning in each week to see what crazy antics “Uncle Miltie” get up to. At the zenith

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